Olga Lipkovics, Family Wellbeing Coach

Olga was born in Hungary in 1974. From early childhood she had a passion for nurturing, looking after children, taking care of infants and helping classmates to learn. She became involved in the “baby care industry” when she was 13 years old. During primary school years was trained in infant care and she knew then already that she wanted to become a teacher. She graduated as a qualified primary and high school teacher in 1997 and then entered the corporate marketing and online marketing world while also teaching privately. Olga acquired a postgraduate diploma in Marketing in 2000. After 8 years in this corporate world in Budapest she decided to learn English and so chose to move to Cape Town and helped to set up and run the South African School of English from 2005.

After having her daughter Maya, 10 years ago she returned to her original passion. A more conscious understanding of the developing infant and young child in terms of nurturing and education.

She thereby started to study infant care, babywearing, breastfeeding, conscious parenting. In these fields she became an accredited La Leche League Leader in 2011 and has been helping moms since then as a volunteer to overcome the challenges of breastfeeding (www.lllsa.org).

During that time Olga founded Babywearing Association South Africa (www.basa.org) and started helping moms as a volunteer to learn the proper and safe way to carry/wear their baby. She has become a certified Babywearing Consultant as she completed the course in Europe in 2014 at Beli Buba Babywearing Institution which is part of the FTZ Babytragen Mainz Babywearing Institution in Europe.

Olga is a dedicated speaker and consultant of babywearing and conscious parenting. She has held numerous interactive lectures across Cape Town in the last 10 years introducing the concept of babywearing in various hospitals, breastfeeding clinics and antenatal classes, baby & mom support groups. Between 2010 and 2013 during International Babywearing weeks she has organized events across Cape Town to raise awareness of the benefits of babywearing. She created mamazone in 2014 (www.mamazone.co.za) and started to provide one-on-one consultations for mothers.

After her second child Martin was born in September 2014, she decided to became a Montessori teacher to expand her knowledge about learning, education, child development and parenting, so she can better prepare the educational environment at home for her self-directed learning program she has been following with her children during the last 10 years. She completed her Montessori teacher course in 2017.

She transformed ‘mamazone’ into NurtureZone between 2015 and 2018 with Kerry-Ann Billings. NurtureZone was a unique, peaceful and harmonious space for a community of like-minded families in Durbanville. NurtureZone’s aim was to help parents to learn that education starts at conception (seeds) and last for a lifetime and it happens by being the guide as the role-model for our children. She recently moved to Pinelands.

Olga has been educating her two children form home in a community environment via NurtureZone however has always wanted to see and experience a holistic, child-focused, self-directed approach implemented to the school environment as is seen in Montessori, Celine Alvarez, Charlotte Mansion and Emilia Reggio’s philosophy.

She is dedicated to work with families based on the above principals as well as in an environment where she facilitates and co-create with teachers, parents and children to enhance mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and nutritional well being for them to reach their full potential.

This year 2019, Olga has been consulting during the first term at a pre-primary school called Liberte in Milnerton and looking forward to step into more and more different kind of educational environment and share her point of view about education, health, wealth and happiness.


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