Babywearing Consultation Full Intro


When you just heard of the concept but you have no idea what is babywearing and what is a babycarrier it’s time to book a session.
Bring your husband and mother to learn how babywearing can assist your baby’s brain development, length of sleep, emotional and social skills and how it can help you to create a healthy dynamic in your family after your baby arrived.



During our consultations I will share my 10 years experience with you about how babywearing can become part of your support system as a new mother and how it effects your baby’s mental, emotional, social and physical development.

While I’m sharing all the information I’ll show you the different baby carriers available on the South African Market and help you to learn the basic positioning what will be beneficial when your baby arrives.

If you have your baby already I’ll show you the age appropriate positioning and guide you to choose which carrier would work for you optimally.

Available hours to book:
Monday – Friday
9:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 12:30


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