Mother of Pearl – Online Workshop for Expecting Moms


9 weeks program – Group of 9 people
I’m here to help you to discover YOUR truth about becoming a mother
as you learn about the 5 characteristics of the motherly art of living and how it effects you and your baby’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development.
Thursday evenings between 8pm and 9pm.
One hour to ask questions and learn to receive answers by asking even more questions.
Sign up for the full course for only R999 (R111/session/person for 9 weeks)



While you are expecting you have millions of questions running in your mind every second.
This Workshop will help you to slow these questions down and learn how to ask different questions what will contribute more to your life and living as an expecting mother.

During our sessions you will be required to share what was the biggest challenge of the week
and I’ll guide you trough how you can implement our system into your every day life and living to create ease and even more joy for you as an expecting mother.

We will talk about
– how to choose the right birth for you and for your baby,
– how to breastfeed with ease and joy,
– what are the benefits of co-sleeping,
– how babywearing can become part of your support system and
– what is babbled weaning and how to apply all these after you have gone back to work.

Sign up for the full course for only R999 (R111/session/person for 9 weeks)


Mind, Body & Spirit