Mother of Pearl – Online Workshop for Mothers with Newborn


9 weeks program – Group of 9 people
I’m here to help you to acknowledge your demons and help you to learn tools what can assist you to let them go with ease as you learn more and gather deeper knowledge about the 5 characteristics of the motherly art of living and how it further effects your and your baby’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development now that s/he has arrived into this reality and seeking for your guidance to discover his/her own truth.

Sessions will be on Tuesdays between 10:00am – 11:00am
Sign up for the full course for only R999 (R111/session/person for 9 weeks)



Your baby arrived and you feel totally in love and totally exhausted at the same time. This is the best moment to sign up for this workshop so we can help you to get trough the toughest time of your life.
9 weeks to ask all your questions about whatever you experience and causes havoc in your life.

We will guide you with questions so you can find your own answers. Each time we have our group  sessions you will share your challenges and experience the relief instantly as you realise you are not alone!

Our pragmatic mothering principals will guide you to find the best solutions and become the expert of your own baby instantly as you become to realise that you are ONE!


Mind, Body & Spirit