Pragmatic Life Coaching Sessions – (Loving – Learning – Living) One-on-one Sessions


Pragmatic Life Coaching Sessions – Levels 1-4
1. Learn to Live so you can Love
2. Love to Learn so you can Live
3. Learn to Love so you can Live
4. Live to Love so you can Learn

One-on-one Sessions: R333

I also have sessions available for :

Two-on-One Session for Couples: R444
Group session (minimum of 4 maximum of 9): R222/person



Do you feel that you got stuck somehow, somewhere and searching for a solution?
Do you experience that somehow you don’t fit in anymore or you have never fit in actually but by now it started to deeply touch you and effect your life, work, study, relationships etc?

During our sessions you will share your challenges and I’ll ask some unexpected questions what will make you think/cry/run away and/or simply open up the infinite possibilities so you can start creating something different and change your relationship with your wife/husband/partner/children/boss/business partners/clients etc. and ultimately to change your life as you change your relationship with yourself, so you can live, love and learn fully and cheerfully!

We will identify which stage you are at and see how can you get yourself to the next level.
1. Love to Learn so you can Live
2. Learn to Live so you can Love
3. Learn to Love so you can Live
4. Live to Love so you can Learn

I’ll be there for you with open, loving and grateful attitude and zero judgment, so you can start trusting the process, the questions, me and ultimately YOU!

Come and share your Life Lessons with me so I can guide you to unfold the package you carry on your shoulder and get rid of all the heaviness with ease and joy!

We will have 4 sessions together and by the end of them you will have a wild range of tools in your possession what you can use and create the change you require. Any change, any time!

One session is 60 minutes.


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