I am a member of THE SHE AFRICA MATRIARCH WOMEN’S CLUB found by Awareness Artists and Animal Activist Petro Diamant


Women For The Wild


5000 Matriarchs. 5000 Women for the WildThere has always been a certain powerful and potent creative force in the connections and conversations women have when it comes from a pure heart and pure mind. The wilder at heart we are the more inspired and free we become. The element of freedom and feeling free allows us to surrender to the mysterious beauty and flow of life and it is in this very flow that we are able to receive love, create and give. It’s a wild spark within that allow us to recognize and experience the divine in everything. THE SHE AFRICA MATRIARCH vision is one of respect and honour for ourselves and towards all life.  A vision that encourages positive female role models where women can nurture each other whilst nourishing themselves and the environments we create. A space and place where we can unite and  support us and those that are taking care of the wilderness and the wild. To be a mother and matriarch to those where it is most required by bringing our attention and intention into harmonious balance to create harmonious environments. Matriarchs we are the tipping point that is able to balance the scale between Humans and Wildlife. A Matriarch is the head of a family or a tribe.


For 2019 the SHE AFRICA Matriarch Women’s Club will have an allocation for 5000 Women.The focus will mostly be on women from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana however I extend a warm welcome to all women in Africa and abroad.Rate : The rate per month is ZAR 111 payable with a monthly debit order via PayFast. The number 111 is based on the principle of mind,  body and spirit and I would like it to be reminder for you that as a Matriarch you will be met with kindness, joy, creativity and imagination. May the Matriarch Women’s Club be a place for inspiration, creation, manifestation and growth.Requirements : Matriarch Members are required to commit to a 5 year Membership. The success of any women’s club and organization relies on dedicated individuals who are committed to the vision. Not only am I asking all of us to commit for the next 5 years but as the founder of the SHE AFRICA MATRIARCH WOMEN’S CLUB, I will dedicate my time, resources and creativity to bring you women from all walks of life that can assist and guide us as we evolve during our many phases and stages of womanhood.


  • Private Membership Login on SHE AFRICA website.
  • Private Membership Newsletter
  • Private Access to a list of Women in Business.
  • Private Membership Children’s Network & Development Opportunities.
  • Wildlife Development Support
  • Membership into a Matriarch Group where Business Women can share their Business Porfolio ( See Conditions *Women in Business )
  • Matriarchy Circle Leadership Opportunities.
  • Competitions Exclusively for Matriarch Members.
  • Online Workshops, Interviews with Live Q&A
  • Private Membership Events
  • Milestone at 1500 Members, the club will accept and review proposals from Circle leaders for projects and organizations.
  • Milestone at 2500 Members, we will begin planning events in areas where participation is the highest.
  • Milestone at 5000 Members, we reveal our plans for The Grand SHE AFRICA Gathering – The Red Tent Festival

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Become aMatriarchy Circle Leader – Circle leaders are women who invite their network of women into the club. A circle leader will be someone who has made sure that a 100 women have become SHE Africa Matriarch Members. Circle leaders will be able to submit project proposals on behalf of her circle to receive funding for events or projects focused on wildlife, environment and sustainable solutions for community development. This includes introducing animal organizations that require financial support and aid in rescue, rehabilitation and release of animals who have been abducted, abused and abandoned. There will be a selection criteria and process to follow and funding will only be allocated to two successful approved project submissions per month. The Matriarchy Circle Leader Affiliate program allows for easy registration.

  • Milestone at 1500 Members, the club will accept and review proposals from circle leaders for wildlife, environmental projects and animal organizations.


Women in Business, as a Matriarch Club Member you will have the opportunity to list your business with us. We will also have a Private Matriarch Group on Social Media that will give you the opportunity to introduce your business portfolio to club members. You get to sign up and host Private Workshops, Podcasts and Live Interviews with and for women in the club. There will be a selection criteria and process to follow and once approved we will be happy to share your workshops, courses and podcasts. That said we would love to know what information you would like to know more about so that we can hold space and host experts to guide you on your journey. *Conditions : Kindly take note that THE MATRIARCH WOMEN’S CLUB does not support the exploitation of animals and animal products we therefore ask that you use your own discernment and refrain from promoting any and all services and products that do.  


Our children are our future. Looking at the social and political situations in Africa it is important to know about current leadership decisions and how that will impact the future. If we can can support our children and develop our youth this will enable them to lay a solid foundation and future in the best interest of all including our beautiful wildlife and the Earth. Our focus with children will come full circle and include information about biodiversity and sustainable living. Let’s get the projects up and create the New World they want to live in. Very excited about the “Young and Baby Matriarchs”. There is an online form available to Matriarch Members that can be used to submit ideas for children’s projects focused on environment and wildlife.


Home is where the heart is and that is the body. Home is also where we rest and take care of our family and friends. The place we call home is a place of sanctuary and we would love to be a part of your safety, health and well being. Our development and rate of evolution starts at home. From the water you use to what you eat, we would like to know that you are informed about products and ways that will improve and contribute to your environment. We would also like to give your furry four legged family members attention and make sure that they are living their best lives. More importantly we would like to know that you and your children are safe. If you know of great organization that work women and children please let us know so that we can create a list and share it with our members.